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Here you can find information about us and the way we work, as well details about our insurance.


We Help You Move It is built around strong principles, always with the customer in mind. We genuinely believe that customer service is still of extremely high importance and we strive to have friendly, courteous and sincere staff. We have comprehensive insurance that covers both customers and our fully uniformed and professional staff alike. We always ensure we are reliable, efficient and act with integrity. All vehicles and equipment are safety checked before each job, the safety of our customers and our staff are of the utmost importance.


We tailor our services to your individual needs, this means you get exactly what you need and don’t end up paying for things that you don’t need. This is why there is no pricing menu on our website, we don’t have one and we never will, instead we will always provide individual tailored service options. That means we can provide multiple staff and vehicles or we can provide a single vehicle and a driver, and everything in between. What works for you works for us.


All our no obligation quotations are free. We also pride ourselves on making sure our quotes are what you will pay, as long as all the information you have given us is correct, your quote will not change. We can give accurate quotations over the phone when transporting single items. For full property moves we will very likely need to visit your current property so you can show us around your home and we can see exactly what you need moving. We will also ask you some questions about the property you will be moving to. We also offer free video survey service using apps such as Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp, where you can walk us around your property virtually. We operate throughout the east of England but also cater for moves in and out of the region.


All of our work comes with our all risk insurance as standard, this policy covers your goods at their current value, to a total of £25,000. Your goods are covered from when we pick them up at your current property, to when they are put in place at your new one. This policy also covers your home against damage whilst we are working in it. Many companies will charge extra to insure your goods, or not offer it at all, but with us it’s all part of the service. If you feel £25,000 is not enough to cover your possessions we can increase the total cover at any time.


We offer competitive, great value pricing. Does this mean we are the cheapest? No, not always, we know that we will not be the cheapest every time. However, as with most things, you do get what you pay for, so if you have found a cheap option, make sure that the quote covers everything you need. Anybody moving your goods should be a registered UK business with their own website and contact number, not just a mobile number. It is also worth paying close attention to insurance and quotation policies when comparing quotes. 


You can contact us any time and we offer our services 7 days a week, unlike many companies there is no extra premium for Monday, Friday or weekend moves, we don’t believe that’s fair, so once you have your quote from us, it is valid for any day of the week. Although we offer our services 7 days a week, please be aware that we only have so many vehicles and staff available, so we do get fully booked, especially on Fridays and weekends as these are understandably the most popular days to move. Planning well in advance always puts you in a much better position when moving house. That said, we understand that things can happen quickly or go very wrong very quickly, so if you find yourself in a bind feel free to call us, we do not charge extra premiums for last minute moves.


We understand that you are likely to be working during what people call office hours. We also know you will likely be planning your house move in the evening, so at We Help You Move It you can call us anytime. Outside of office hours our phones divert to mobiles so you can talk to an experienced member of the team whenever it suits you, this means you can call us from the comfort of your home and take all the time you need rather than a rushed call on your lunch break. But don’t worry, if you do call us out of office hours you will still only be charged your normal rates as if you were calling a local landline.

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